With each Package, you will receive:

  • a Resume

  • a Reference List (up to 5 referees)

  • a Job Search Strategy tip sheet


  • a Cover Letter/eLetter (purchased separately)

  • a Selection Criteria (purchased separately)


Each document will be formatted and sent to you electronically in:


  • Microsoft Word, PDF and ASCII Text versions.



A professionally written resume becomes one of your most invaluable career marketing tools.


As a trained resume writer I understand what human resource managers and recruitment consultants are looking for in a resume and I will work with you to highlight your unique skills, attributes and achievements. You will receive an individually designed document, which utilises powerful language to attract the attention of recruiters, and the formatting and keywords required to enable your resume to be picked up by Application Tracking Systems (ATS). 


Cover Letter/eLetter
Cover letters are still a very important part of the application process. They introduce you to the organisation and let recruiters know what you can offer them. If you are sending your application via email, a professionally written email (eLetter) will make you stand out from the crowd.


I will write a cover letter or eLetter that targets the role you are applying for and draws attention to the specific skills, experience and key achievements that make you an outstanding applicant. The PDF and Microsoft Word versions of your cover letter will be formatted in the same style as your resume, ensuring you project a professional image.


Selection Criteria 
If you are applying for a government position, you need to ensure that every question you answer on your selection criteria meets all of the keyword requirements of the role, draws from your most appropriate achievements, and utilises the STAR model (Situation, Task, Action, Result). You may also need to keep within a word limit.

I can work with you to find the best examples for each criterion. From there I will write a summary which utilises the STAR model, and includes the keywords that are needed for your selection criteria to be picked up by Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and be noticed by recruiters.



Please Note: Many factors contribute to whether a candidate will be shortlisted for a role. Therefore, I do not provide any guarantees that you will secure a position as a result of engaging my services.

  • Email

  • You will be asked to provide information to assist with determining the correct fee.

  • Complete forms and email together with copy of current resume.

  • Receive quote, read Terms and Conditions and make payment to commence service.

  • You will receive a questionnaire and forms to assist with developing your resume.

  • A 1–hour phone interview will be organised.

  • 1st draft of resume will be written and sent for review. This is usually completed within 2 working days.

  • If required, changes will be made and 2nd draft will be sent for review.

  • If required, further changes will be made and final resume will be sent.

  • There is typically 5–7 working days turnaround once you have completed the phone interview.

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