Terms & Conditions

 I take pride in the services that I offer my clients and am committed to producing quality documents for people at all stages of their careers. I do however have terms and conditions in place for all services provided. Please read these carefully and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Your resume is a marketing tool that tells your next employer what you are able to offer them.


Preparation Material

A well–written resume needs to be well prepared. I will be asking you to provide as much information as you can, so that I can showcase your skills and experience. This may include any job postings that you wish to apply for and your current resume. I will also be sending out a questionnaire, which will form the basis of our phone interview. 


Phone Interview

Where possible, I will organise a 1-hour (approx.) phone interview after I receive your questionnaire, to clarify any points, and to further expand on your achievements within each role. If a phone interview is not possible, you will receive further questions via email.


Drafts, Revisions and Final Approval

Most documents are complete after the first delivery, but there is provision within the fees for up to two revisions of the original draft. More fees will apply for additional revisions. If I have not heard back from you within 7 days after either the first or second draft, I will consider the project to be closed and deemed as approved by you. If you wish to re–open the project after these 7 days, a further fee will be charged to extend the project. If an additional version with a different target is requested, a new fee will be determined at that time.


 Electronic and Online Job Applications

Your resume will be formatted to ensure that it is picked up by Applicant Tracking Systems (APTs). An APT is the software used by most companies in Australia today to scan job applications. The software picks up key words that match the organisation’s selection criteria, and does not recognise words that are placed inside text boxes or tables. An APT is usually the first screening phase of resumes and cover letters in these organisations. If an APT does not pick up your resume, it will generally not reach your intended target.


ASCII Text document

You will also receive an ASCII text version of your resume and cover letter, to be used for online applications that need to be typed into website text boxes. The ASCII text version can be copied and pasted into the website text box and is formatted to look professional, and to fit within the line limit of website text boxes, ensuring that there are no long line overhangs when it is printed.


Cover Letters/eLetters

A cover letter is a formal style letter that will be formatted in the same style as your resume. An eLetter is a shorter version of a cover letter, formatted to send as an email. The most effective cover letters target a specific opportunity or employer, however I can also write a more generic letter if that is what you prefer.


Reference List

A separate reference list for up to 5 referees will be written, using the same formatting style as the resume.




Whilst I will do everything possible to create the most effective documents to support your employment search, I do not guarantee employment or job search success. I will make every effort possible to deliver final versions without spelling, grammar, or other errors, however you are solely responsible for proofreading and final approval. I also do not independently verify information that you provide such as employment history, skills or education. You are solely responsible for all content, proofing and acceptance and I am not liable for information obtained from you that is inaccurate or incorrect. My liability is limited to the completion of work, and I assume no liability for work that has been deemed as approved by you.


Scope of Writing Projects

Professional fees are quoted based on your initial information. If you provide significantly more content that extends the scope of the project, more charges might be incurred. You will be notified of further charges before work commences.


Microsoft Word Documents

Although I provide documents in Microsoft Word format, I am unable to guarantee that documents will retain their original formatting when sent electronically or printed due to the many versions of the software, and the individual settings of computers and printers. I am also unable to provide technical support, should any problems arise.


Privacy and Confidentiality

I will maintain the confidentiality of all your information and will only use this information for the purposes of developing your career–marketing documents. I have also taken reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss or unauthorised access.


Your personal information may be disclosed to any person with lawful entitlement to obtain the information as per your instruction (i.e. emailed to an email address nominated by yourself). My public interest duty is to co–operate with law enforcement agencies and to prevent any threat to life, health or safety of any person. This means that I may have to disclose your information for such purposes. I will not disclose personal information to any other third party that is not listed above without your consent.


You have a right to access and to obtain a copy of your personal information. If the information I have is not accurate or up to date and you wish to change it, I will take reasonable steps to correct that information.


Payments, Refunds and Cancellations



Full payment is required to commence the service. Prior to the service commencing, you will receive requests for further information, including job posts, your latest resume and the type of job you are looking for. I will use this information to determine which fee level you are at and invoice you for that amount.


Payment for a service means that you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


Once payment has been made, I will prepare and send out an individualised questionnaire, based on the information that you have provided. A 1–hour phone interview will be organised once the questionnaire has been returned to me.


Payments can be made via direct debit or credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Details for how to pay will be on your invoice. You will receive a receipt once payment has been received. 

Refunds and Cancellations

I am fully committed to achieving full satisfaction for all of my clients, however, because of the customised services that I offer, purchases are not refundable or cancellable once the questionnaire has been completed and returned to me. In the event that you decide to cancel the project before sending through the questionnaire, $100 cancellation fee applies.



Pricing and other agreement details will remain firm for 14 days.